Fares4Free is a charity that encourages taxi drivers to give up to 4 of their fares every month to help veterans – Find out if we or you can help

Sometimes the first step to beating loneliness and isolation, is a friendly face and a lift.

There are over 500,000 Veterans in Scotland of all ages, many of them are embattled by homelessness, unemployment, loneliness and other complex issues.

Many of our vulnerable veterans do not engage with services without someone to accompany them. Consequently, they miss vital appointments which in turn impacts negatively on many aspects of their life.

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FARES4FREE work in partnership with charities, organisations and local authorities that are dedicated to bringing help and relief to those suffering such issues.

Many of the organisations we serve provide befriending services, grants and assistance to veterans. Unfortunately, there are occasions when the people providing assistance cannot travel in the same vehicle as the person they are there to help. Often a veteran cannot afford to travel to the organisation offering help and in too many cases, they are simply not able to face or cope with the challenges of public transport which would seem normal to most people.

We are a free transport service that assists multiple organisations and individuals with correctly insured vehicles operated by drivers with the highest standards of vetting. Sometimes the first step to beating loneliness and isolation, is a friendly face and a lift.

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Phone:07708 299399
Email: info@fares4free.org
Web: www.fares4free.org


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